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How does it work?

If you, a friend or relative would benefit from the services we provide, find out more about how we can help and how our services are planned and delivered

Your Needs and Our Services

There are many questions regarding community care services and many myths surrounding its organisation, delivery and cost, despite the fact that almost two million people in the UK are in receipt of a care service in their own home. Here you will find a short guide to the assessment, planning and delivery of our services.


Every service we provide is designed to meet your needs so it is very important that your needs are assessed correctly. We believe strongly that his should be a process that you are at the centre of and one that is positive and not laborious. Your assessment can involve family and friends if you choose and is usually completed in your home by a member of our Senior Care Team.


Your plan of care is based on your needs assessment and takes the form of a number of duties or services considered and agreed to meet your needs. As with the needs assessment, you are placed at the very centre of the planning process, along with those close to you if you wish. When complete, your care plan will be shown as a number of care calls to be delivered on a daily or weekly basis, with services to be provided on each call.

Service Delivery

Each day, members of our carefully chosen and highly trained community care team will come to your home at times you have agreed and provide the services you have agreed in your plan of care.  Peace of Mind believes in the principle of continuity of carer and call time. That is to say that we will work hard to make sure you are cared for by staff you are familiar with at a regular time.


Services delivered to you in your own home are almost invariably a lower cost option than in other settings, while still ensuring that you are safe and that your needs are met while retaining your dignity and independence. We will provide you with a full and complete quotation of the costs of our services as part of your assessment process. Often there is funding available to meet the costs of your care and we can help with advice on any assistance that may be available to meet the cost of your care.
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